The Home Inspection Process

The inspection process starts with our primary service which is to VISUALLY inspect structure and any attached or detached garage.

When the inspection is completed, we will do a verbal summary with you prior to leaving property and take you and show you anything you do not understand.

You are welcomed to walk with the inspector and learn about your home at the time of the inspection.

We do give you great secrets about your home as well as maintenance tips.

You are required to be at the inspection to sign contracts.

If you can not be at the inspection then you need to forward us your email address prior to inspection so that I may send the contract to you. You will need to read , sign it, then scan it and email it back to us prior to the inspection.

We do not start and inspection unless we have a signed contract. Your Realtor may sign as the "Agent For:" you if you have given them that authority.

We do not release copies of the final report until we are paid in full.

We do not submit bills to escrow for any reason as it is against our Code of Ethics to become a party to your transaction, so please do not ask.

We will furnish you with an emailed report with photos (NORMALLY) WITHIN 24 HOURS OF INSPECTION. There are sometimes when it may go to 48 hours if we get extremely busy.

Commercial inspections will be a minimum of 48 hours always. You also receive our Home Maintenance Manual as a free gift for purchasing a home. ( My way of helping you maintain your new home.)