Pricing Incentives

We want to thank our military and first-responders by providing some valuable incentives. Your courage, bravery, and commitment to the safety of American citizens and your community is to be honored. Though we cannot thank you enough, we hope that these incentives express our gratitude and appreciation for all that you (and your families) have put "on the line" for others. We salute you.

10% OFF - Veteran U.S. Uniformed Services and Veteran First-Responders

For all veteran U.S. uniformed services and all first-responders (police, sheriff, fire, paramedic, etc.). Please present your uniformed services ID or DD-214 if a U.S. uniformed services veteran. Please present your badge or service letter if a first-responder veteran.

20% OFF - Active U.S. Uniformed Services

For all ACTIVE U.S. UNIFORMED PERSONNEL on Active Duty, Active Reserve, or Active Guard. This includes Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, NOAA, and PHSCC. Does not include IRR or active first-responders. Please present your U.S. uniformed services ID or DD-214.

FREE Home Maintenance Handbook

All clients who order a home inspection from us receive this valuable reference guide.