What To Expect At The Inspection

Like you, we want to make sure that your inspection goes smoothly with the fewest possible last-minute surprises. Shown below is a list of thing you can do to help us provide the best possible inspection service. Should you have any questions, please feel free to call us right away!

Secure Your Pets

Please make sure that your pets are crated, caged, and secured so that they do not interfere with the inspection process. We do not want to get bitten, licked, scratched - or worse - have your pet escape as a result of our inspection.

Secure Your Children

A home inspection often involves accessing areas of your home that could be extremely dangerous to children. This includes your electrical panel, water heater, roof, attic, crawlspace, and more. The safety of your children is paramount, so please make sure that you either remove them from the premises or that you have an eye on them at all times if they must be there.

Move Items That Hinder Our Inspection

We cannot inspect what we cannot get to! Please remove all items that block access to doors, windows, rooms, electrical panels, water heaters, air conditioning systems, and plumbing.

Unlock Doors & Gates

Again, we cannot inspect what we cannot get to. Please unlock all doors and gates so that we have FULL ACCESS to your premises. This does not include gun cabinets or safes. We respect all rooms that are considered off limits to us, but let us know about these rooms in advance if you can.

Be Available

Whether you are the home seller, the home buyer, or the real estate agent, please make sure that we can get in touch with you.

Multi-Unit Re-Inspection

When inspecting multi-unit buildings if all units and garages, storage sheds (etc) are not accessible at time of inspection, then there is a re-inspection charge of $150.00 to return to property to finish the inspection.

Real Estate Agents

Secure all keys prior to scheduling of inspection. We do not have access to lock-box [Supra boxes] so agents are to be present to open all areas for inspection.